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Building local citations plays a crucial role in your overall local SEO strategy, and it's vital to invest in the right tools and services from the very beginning.

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We Follow 6 Steps While We Process Each Campaign.

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1. Local Citation Audit

We kickstart the local citation building process with a thorough and professional local citation audit. This initial step involves conducting a comprehensive analysis to identify the current state of your business's citations across various online directories and citation sites.
Our experienced team meticulously examines each citation to ensure accuracy, consistency, and completeness of your business information.
This will help us determine any inconsistencies and avoid duplication while we build citations for your business.
Optimize for Local Impact

2. Find any Inconsistent Citations

Inconsistent business information spread across multiple directories are one major reason behind local ranking issues businesses face.
Once we finish our detailed audit process, our team will identify and list down all inconsistent listings out there that might be hurting your local rankings.
We will use various methods to correct inconsistent NAP listings on all possible directories and business listing websites making sure that your business information is consistent across all entities in the internet.
Find any Inconsistent Citations
Boost Local Visibility

3. Competitor Citation Sources

At IgniteFirst, we believe in staying one step ahead of the competition. In step 3 of our local citation building process, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of your competitors' citation sources. By studying their existing citations, we identify valuable sources that they have acquired but you may be missing out on. This strategic approach allows us to expand your citation profile and increase your business's online visibility in your target market.
By collecting and leveraging your competitors' citation sources, we develop a comprehensive citation building strategy tailored specifically to your business. Our goal is to ensure that your business is listed in the same high-quality directories and platforms as your competitors, if not more.
Unleash Local Potential

4. Prepare Citations Master List

Once the initial 3 steps have been completed, we will be left with a master list of citation sources curated from your competitors, coupled with high quality sources we actively use for client campaigns.
We always make sure to avoid spam sites or low quality directories and our sources are being updated on a weekly basis.
We will then setup your campaign workbook and will share it with you so that you can view these sources in real time and can also track our progress as we process with the campaign.
High Quality Business Citations 5
Maximize Local Reach

5. Rich Media Citation Building

Our expert citation building team will now get to work, registering and submitting your business information on all top directories and other business citation sources.
Our team will make sure that your NAP and other business data is consistent across all websites and will also make sure that there are no duplicate submissions taking place on any of these directories.
Most of the citation sources we use will activate the listing instantly, while some of them will be activated after a manual review by individual website owners. We will list down all direct citation URLs within your report except for the pending listings.
Dominate Local Search

6. White Label Reporting

We provide 100% white labelled reporting options for all our clients, helping you save time customising or rebuilding the report we send your way.
Our report will list down all live listing URLs along with the login access to each of the citation sources. This will enable you to make changes to any of these listings or update them yourself at any time in the future with zero hassle.
Our report comes in both excel format and as a shared Google sheet.
If you need a specific formatting for your reports, please feel free to request for the same while you place orders.
High Quality Business Citations

Our Packages



50 Citations
Essential Citations
Secondary Citations
Citation Audit
Rich Media
Advanced Indexing System
Detailed Reporting
5 Business Day Turnaround


100 Citations
Essential Citations
Secondary Citations
Citation Audit
Rich Media
Advanced Indexing System
Detailed Reporting
7 Business Day Turnaround


200 Citations
Essential Citations
Secondary Citations
Citation Audit
Rich Media
Advanced Indexing System
Detailed Reporting
7 Business Day Turnaround

Frequent Questions

Is there an agency discount?
Of course, if you are an agency with multiple clients who need high quality citations, please get in touch with us by email : [email protected]
What happens when you find an existing listing?
As part of our standard procedure, we conduct a comprehensive local citation audit for each order we receive. Based on the findings from this audit, we initiate the citation building process. When we come across a listing with accurate core information, we skip it and proceed to submit your business details to an alternative directory, referred to as a 'Replacement' directory. This ensures that you always receive the exact number of submissions you have paid for.
Will all submissions go live instantly?
While we cannot guarantee the activation of every submitted listing, it is important to note that, based on our extensive experience, a significant majority of the listings we submit do go live. This is particularly true for directories with auto-approval processes. While we cannot provide an absolute assurance, we are committed to putting forth our utmost efforts to maximize the chances of your submitted list becoming active.
Can you deliver projects in less than 7 days?
Yes, please contact us before you place your order. We should be able to accommodate your request.
Do you claim existing listings?
Claiming or editing existing listings can be more intricate, as it varies depending on the specific directory. In some cases, claiming a listing may involve email verification, while other directories may require phone verification. We will use other means to contact the directory to get this done in some cases.
How do you handle submissions?
We take great pride in our manual submission process, which is expertly handled by our dedicated team of over 20 professionals specializing in citations. With their deep understanding of various directories and citation sites, we follow a tried and tested approach for each campaign. This involves identifying appropriate citations tailored to your business, creating a unique campaign email account for verifications, checking for existing listings, submitting your business details to directories, completing the submission process by verifying via email, capturing relevant information for comprehensive reports, uploading the report to your Local Citation Builders admin console, and providing you with the necessary details of email accounts and passwords used. Our team's expertise and meticulous execution ensure exceptional results for your citation needs.
Can I see samples?
Sure, please get in touch and we will be happy to share sample URLs with you.

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