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“If your web page or backlinks are not indexed in Google, all other things don't matter at all”

As an SEO agency owner, you’re well aware of the importance of getting all your important client web pages and backlink sources indexed in Google. Because if they are not, no matter what you do, you’re going to get zero traffic to these pages from Google.

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How Index Booster Will Help?

Our tried and tested indexing system is designed for agencies and marketers who face ongoing trouble in getting their web pages or high value linking URLs indexed in Google.

How Does This Work?

The IndexBooster service works as hands-free as it can be.

Step 1
Once we have the list of non-indexed URLs to work on, we will do a detailed audit to see if these pages are rendering properly to Google or if they’re all returning standard HTTP-200 code to make sure that there are no underlying technical issues blocking these pages from indexing.
Step 2
Once the audit is completed, we will feed all URLs to our indexing system and we will set up a tracker for you to monitor the progress. We will update the tracker once in 3 days and we will update you about our progress once in 7 days.
Step 3
If any of the URLs are not indexed even after 10 days, we will re-process the non-indexed ones one more time. We will have a final tracking report for you to verify at this point.
Step 4
If there are non-indexed URLs left in our tracker even after 21 days, you’ll be credited with options to provide new URLs to replace these. This way, you will only pay for the links that get indexed.
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Get started right away and we'll index your URLs or backlinks and will deliver your comprehensive report in less than 21 days!

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Frequent Questions

Do you use spun content?
No, we don't use spun content. We use AI tools to generate high quality keyword optimised content and the content is proofread before they are used anywhere.
Can I use this for any kind of pages?
Yes, you can use this service to rank any kind of web page, be it your own website or a social media page.
Can you work on sites in the adult niche?
No, we don’t work on websites in the adult/porn niches.
Can you deliver projects in less than 7 days?
Yes, please contact us before you place your order. We should be able to accommodate your request.
Are these links safe?
Yes, they are absolutely safe to use and there are only a handful of high quality contextual links being built to your web properties. All support pages are only linking to the 10 main buffer pages.
Can you work on sites in gambling & CBD niches?
Yes, we do work on websites in gambling & CBD niches.
Can I see samples?
Sure, please get in touch and we will be happy to share sample URLs with you.

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