Local Authority Network

Skyrocket Your Local Search Rankings with Tailored, Geo-Branded Authority Networks, and Dominate the Local 3-Pack

Maximize Local and Topical Relevance with Expertly Optimized Web 2.0s and Social Profiles, and Watch Your Local Map Rankings Reach New Heights

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Bespoke High Authority Mini Blogs

Experience the Advantages of Mini Networks:

Custom-Crafted and Optimized for Unbeatable Signals
Highly-Niche, Local and Brand-Specific Relevance for Instant Authority Building
Applicable for Multiple Client Websites
High-Quality Multi-Page Web 2.0 Accounts
Inclusive of Professionally Written Articles for a 100% Hands-Free Experience
Embedded NAP & Google Map Direction Signals
Each of our meticulously designed blogs is anchored by Google business profile signal optimization and on-point onsite content, ensuring that your geo, niche and brand-optimized accounts are purpose-built to influence local ranking factors.

Start today to reap the rewards of tailor-made powerful Authority Networks

Affordably Priced Way to Boost Your Local Rankings

Gain complete control over each Network with full logins, empowering your team to manage every aspect of these blogs. Initial setup includes relevant articles and content to create a robust Mini Authority Network for your clients.

Turbocharge Your Clients' Rankings in Google Maps with our Cutting-Edge Authority Network

Dominate Google Maps & Local Search Results with our Proven Local Authority Network Strategy for Agencies
Are you tired of your clients being outranked by their competitors in Google Maps and local search results?
It's time to supercharge your local SEO campaigns with our groundbreaking Local Authority Network!
At IgniteFirst, we've created a powerful, yet affordable Google Maps SEO strategy specifically designed for marketing agencies looking to boost their clients' rankings in local search results. Since 2018, we've built over 50,000 social accounts and ranked 600+ local businesses with our proven GMB optimization campaigns.
Now, we've combined our expertise in account building and local ranking capabilities to create Authority Networks based on location, niche or brand. With our customized solution, you'll be catapulted into the 3-Pack, crushing the competition and driving major growth for your clients.

Unleash the Power of Local Relevancy

We know Google Maps and local search algorithms prioritize local trust signals when deciding which GMB listings deserve a spot in the prominent 3-Pack. Our Local Authority Network caters specifically to this unique algorithm, amplifying local relevancy signals and leaving your competitors in the dust.

Here's How Our Optimized Networks Transform Your Agency's Local SEO Campaigns:

1. Choose Your Location, Niche or Brand:
Our expert team will craft high-quality Web 2.0 and Social Accounts optimized for your selected city, location or niche. These accounts are fully optimized with location keywords and appear genuine, ensuring the longevity of your authority network.
2. Boost Local Relevance with Customized Articles:
We create and publish locally relevant articles to the accounts to build them out like real business blogs. This content, coupled with targeted links will make these network of blogs as powerful as they can be to generate tons of authority, geo, niche and branding signals to Google's local ranking algorithm.
3. Leverage Links for Maximum Impact:
We will add strategic links on these blogs that point to your client's website URL linked to their GMB listing. We use brand, LSI and long-tail anchor text to make your clients' websites appear more locally relevant than their competitors. This heightened local relevance is a top ranking factor for GMB, putting your clients in prime position for the 3-Pack.
Don't settle for mediocre rankings for your clients. Start now and leverage the power of our Local Authority Network to skyrocket your clients' success in Google Maps and local search results.
Experience the difference our Local Authority Network can make for your agency.
Get started today, and watch your clients dominate local search results!

Why Choose Our Local Authority Networks?

Give Google What it Wants
Our cutting-edge tactics are designed to feed Google algorithm with exactly what it looks for, ensuring your client's GMB listings are unfiltered and visible to potential customers.
Achieve Higher Rankings
Our proven strategies will help your client's GMB listings climb the ranks, resulting in increased visibility and more traffic to their websites.
Reusable for Multiple Clients
The beauty of our networks is that it can be applied to multiple clients within the same city, providing you with a cost-effective and efficient solution for your agency.
Local Links and Brand Mentions
Our approach not only improves rankings but also generates valuable local links and brand mentions, further enhancing your client's online presence.

Invest in our Local Authority Network today and unlock
the full potential of your
GMB & Local SEO campaigns.

Niche Network


10 High Authority Blog
30 Custom Crafted Articles
Up-to 25,000 Words of Content
NAP & Map Embeds
Branded, LSI & Raw Anchor Texts
100% Niche Focused
7 Business Day Delivery
Local Network


10 High Authority Blogs
30 Custom Crafted Articles
Up-to 25,000 Words of Content
NAP & Map Embeds
Branded, LSI & Raw Anchor Texts
100% Geo Focused
7 Business Day Delivery
Brand Network


10 High Authority Blogs
30 Custom Crafted Articles
Up-to 25,000 words of Content
NAP & Map Embeds
Branded, LSI & Raw Anchor Texts
100% Brand Focused
7 Business Day Delivery

Frequent Questions

How much time does it take to finish the campaign?
We usually spread the campaign across 7 business days to keep a natural velocity for the links we build.
Can I get samples?
Yes, you can. Please contact us here : [email protected] and we will send sample blogs quickly.
Is there a refund policy?
While we make sure that each of our clients are 100% happy with our efforts, we still have a no-questions-asked refund option if you would like to cancel a campaign before the link campaign begins.
What kind of content is used?
All the content we use for our campaigns are 100% unique and are crafted by our team of qualified content writers.
How can I contact support?
We have an excellent support system in place to help you with any questions you may have. If you're an existing client, you can contact us directly from the client dashboard. You can also get in touch by filling up the contact form here, via email or on Skype.

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