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Whether you run an agency with several clients with businesses to rank in multiple niches or own a small business who can grow so much by getting your business listed on top 3 in Google for your target key phrases, our Map Ranking Blueprint is all you need.

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Get Ranked on Maps and Generate More Leads & Sales

This one-off strategic link strategy will take care of your GMB ranking needs forever.

Advanced Tactics
Huge Diversity
Transparent Reporting
Premium Support

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I am an SEO Professional, and I highly recommend using Map Ranking Blueprint to boost your GMB ranking.

Alex Lynch

I have been using map ranking blueprint for 2 months now and my website has seen a huge increase in traffic, conversion rate, and rank.

Chelsea Nona

I’ve been in the SEO business for few years and I have never seen a service with such an affordable price like this. This is the most comprehensive local ranking package you can find anywhere, unless you want to use fiverr guys of course.

George Byron

We would like to thank IgniteFirst for offering such a wonderful service. We were able to rank on top 3 of Google for several keywords, efficiently and with minimal cost. I recommend them to anyone looking to rank for local terms.

Finn Cerutty

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Who is This For?

This service is perfect for agencies who wants to get the highest possible returns for their clients by ranking them on Maps quickly and safely.

How This Service Will Help?

The most advanced ranking techniques and link sources that comes as part of this service will bring in the highest possible impact to your GMB rankings in Google. This service comes with specific link strategies to target your GMB in many ways that Google can never ignore the ranking signals we help generate eventually to place you at the top.

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Advanced Link Stacking

Powerful Linking Strategy

Google Authority Stacks

Google consider their own properties as of considerably higher trust and authority. A Google Authority Stack is a carefully interlinked collection of properties that Google owns allowing the link equity and brand signals to pass down the several layers of properties we build, finally routing them to a well-designed Google Site that links to your website, GMB, top social media profile pages, Map URLs, CID URLs and more.

The service is designed in such a way that we’re able to get you great rank gains while keeping your site safe.

Great for Local Rankings

Social Authority Stacking

Here we create branded profiles on the most trusted social sites, optimize them to benefit from co-occurrence, include NAP and GPS data and add links to our most important URLs. Once this setup is done, we build a strong layer of contextual properties on top of this to generate both great link juice and brand signals which in turn will be passed on to result in significant rank gains.

High Authority Sources
Full Access to Each Property We Create
Premium Indexing Support
Get Ranked on Maps

Authority Map Stacking

We use an authority mapping platform to create maps for your business for your target locations coupled with unique content creating some of the most powerful geo and topic relevant signals to Google. We will then be sending geo, topic relevant contextual links with embeds to these maps and your top URLs. This can pretty much guarantee the generation of highly trusted geo signals to place you on top 3 results.

Helps you make use of the power of targeted geo signals
Helps to establish geo relevance for your GMB

Branded Link Strategy

Authority Link Sources

Super Charge Your Brand & Local Map Ranking

Grow Your Brand Prominence in Local Results
One of the key ranking factors that can highly impact your ranking is the brand signals and the trust they have in the eyes of Google. With our branded link strategy, we do everything possible to influence the brand signals to your favour in order to help you rank quickly.
Get Optimized Social Brand Properties
Well-built social media pages and profiles should be a must have for any online or offline brand these days, even if you’re not much into SEO or ranking. Whether you’re looking to rank in maps or in organic search results, these are properties you can leverage to your benefit to build a strong brand presence.
Branded Link Building & Unstructured Citations
We will build about 50 of these links on top social platforms, video & audio sharing sites, document sharing sites, slide sharing sites, web 2.0 platforms and more. The purpose here is to take advantage of the high link equity of the host domains and to build unstructured citations for your business in the process.
Whitelabel Reporting

Extensive Reporting Included

Extensive reporting is an important, useful feature of Map Ranking Link Blueprint, enabling you to pass on these reports to your clients without even having to edit them. Yes, we provide white-labelled reports as well, if you need them.

We document every single link being built for you, and our reports will contain details of those, including login details to properties which you will own once you receive your reports.

Get white-labelled reports in your inbox
Quick turnaround time helping you reap the benefits quicker
Get Published on Tons of News Outlets

Premium Press Releases

A press release campaign is a great tool to build branded and unstructured citations and bring in more geo and topic relevancy to your GMB listing. With our campaign, we will carefully create a news release about your business, embedding location maps, NAP, and links to the location page and top social profiles before distributing the release to several hundred media outlets and news websites.

We will be sending you a detailed clipping report showing your listings at the end of the campaign.

Generate relevant brand signals for your website
Detailed clipping report after each distribution

Dominate Maps Today!

f you’re trying to get into top 3 map pack, for your own sites or your client sites, then this package should be your best choice.

The Map Ranking Link Blueprint comes with some of the powerful and diverse links out there giving your site and GMB tons of geo and topic relevancy, spread over a15-20 day period. This service works very well for all kinds of niches and is giving great results as long as you have a verified GMB for your business.


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20 Branded Social Media Accounts – Optimised for Local Ranking
50 Branded Links – Optimised as Unstructured Citations
Google Authority Stack – Covering All Google Properties
Social Authority Stack – Covering Top 5 Optimised Properties
Map Authority Stacking – Combined With Geo and Topic Relevancy Boosters
Full Cycle Press Release Campaign – Optimised For Local Ranking
Tiered Link Booster Module
Powerful Indexing Module
Detailed Link Reporting

Frequent Questions

How much time does it take to finish the campaign?
We usually spread the campaign across 15-20 business days to keep a natural velocity for the links we build.
Can I review the PR before it goes out?
Yes, you can. We will send you the press release for review and once you approve, the PR will be submitted for syndication.
Is there a refund policy?
While we make sure that each of our clients are 100% happy with our efforts, we still have a no-questions-asked refund option if you would like to cancel a campaign before the link campaign begins.
What kind of content is used?
All the content we use for our campaigns are 100% unique and are crafted by our team of qualified content writers.
How can I contact support?
We have an excellent support system in place to help you with any questions you may have. If you're an existing client, you can contact us directly from the client dashboard. You can also get in touch by filling up the contact form here, via email or on Skype.

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